Wedding Card Boxes

Let’s Get Creative!

Searching for a subtle way to add some creativity to your wedding? Here are some non-traditional routes to upgrading your card box for your big day in the Laurel Highlands! Add some personal touches to pull your event together or find a way to repurpose and reuse your card box for years to come.

Creativity is your second nature and crafting is your love! Let’s turn your card box into something that will hold memories and charm your guests. Your new married life is building a home with the one you hold dearest, and this couple brought their very own home to their card box table! Greeting guests as they enter the Village, this card box catches eyes at the welcome center as they drop off their cards & gifts. A very homey touch if we ever saw one!

Card Box Ideas 2

Congratulations Morgan + Jason!


Versatility is what you value in gathering your key elements for the wedding! We love to see a way to repurpose things that hold loving reminders from your special day. Reuse your gift box and continue to add more memories with your partner one adventure at a time. Traveling to a scenic overlook with picnic basket in hand is just what this couple imagined, and why not add charming woodland touches to this fairytale wedding with doubling its use as a card box! As your guests approach the welcoming center before the ceremony, they are whisked into a land of forest magic with this display. An enchanted day and many more are sure to follow with personal touches such as this one. Congratulations to Louise + Brian, 06/05/21.

Congratulations Louise + Brian!


As these are the days of DIY, crafting and repurposing are popular routes and are constantly changing with the trends of weddings each year. These are just a couple specific card box ideas from our 2021 Wedding Season at Oak Lodge. For more creative flow or unique ideas for your upcoming event, check out the links below for some helpful examples!

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